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i love it. Such beautiful graphics. Do you plan to publish this one for #playdate? đŸ”¶

Wtf, browsing the news feed on my phone and this pops up: #playdate

Finished an initial audio implementation for uxn-playdate with some caveats:

- The pitch/rate LUT needs to be adjusted, we go out of tune as we go away of C4. Not sure if this is the Playdate sample player's fault or my own but no matter.
- ADSR works as an AD instead. The way uxn does sustain is different to anything else out there.

I'm done with this port for now. Will revisit it once @neauoire and @rek start working on the PD version of Oquonie and I get the device to test.

#uxn #playdate

Finished optimizing the main drawing functions for uxn-playdate getting speedups ranging from 1.98x to 4.38x.

Only screen_fill missing and then it's time to do audio and filesystem stuff. At this point the playdate should be able to handle pretty much any rom you throw at it (within reason). I think there is full speed parity for Oquonie compared with uxnemu.

More testing is needed of course, and I could make things faster but not worth it until I can test on hardware. :uxn:

#uxn #playdate

Run into a bit of an issue. I can compile ARMASM and link it into the elf file, so technically it would run on hardware. HOWEVER, the way that the simulator works is that it compiles the C code into a native .so file in the host architecture (in my case x86_64) using gcc, so my ARM assembly can't compile for the simulator.

I guess that's why it's called a simulator instead of an emulator.

For this reason I can't really test the assembly implementation 🙁

Any ideas?


CC: @neauoire

Android USB serial was of course a bit hellish to implement but I managed to get a nice elegant solution. You can set the app to auto-launch when it detects a Playdate too which is slick: #playdate

Putting the youngest to bed and coding while he's asleep next to me. I've written a nice list component that let's you easily browse a lot of data, shuffling rows up and down the screen intuitively. No audio in the gif obviously but the samples play as you select them. I'm adding the ability to record your own samples too, which can be used seriously but I thought my kids would find it funny to record nonsense and sequence it. #playdate #theWorkshop

I couldn't rely on fancy palette cycling effects for the transitions on the #playdate, so we had to go full ditherpunk on this one.

Tape Looper 2 is almost finished. The ui is done, I just need to replace the bitcrusher with something that can increase the gain of the sample instead, recording from mic is fairly quiet and I was struggling a bit with levels. Occasionally I get in a mess with the input handlers too. #playdate

I've just release Field Recorder for #playdate on Itch:

More details:

A simple app but it's quite slick. Will do more on it soon. Pictured here with very nice day job headphones.

With apologies, a slightly ridiculous field recorder. 1 minute at 16bit stereo, 2mins 16bit mono, 2mins 8bit stereo or a massive 4mins 8bit mono #playdate

Tape Looper is launched if anyone wants it, each sale will buy me a pint of beer for the rare occasions I get some child-free time:

#playdate #theWorkshop

Claimed an hour for myself because my wife's heading out with some of the other mums tonight and the kids are ON ONE.

Anyway, here's 'Tape Looper', I just want to add a couple more features before releasing it on #theWorkshop #playdate

Panic, the folks behind the #playdate are hiring for a playdate focused support person. Seems to be friendly to remote, but leans heavily into being in Portland, Oregon. #GetFediHired

Look at the cool stuff @dustin is doing with the PlayDate. A drawing app that makes awesome shit using the crank! It reminds me of how much I loved playing with my Spirograph as a kid. #PlayDate

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