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"A History Instructor Complained About Parking Fees. It Cost Him His Job"

He complained about the high price of parking. He disputed the President's numbers in a "cordial" but "tense" public meeting on the topic. He turned over the research documenting his numbers. Two and a half weeks later, the provost fired him, explaining that #TarletonStateUniversity would not "tolerate intolerable behavior."

#Academia #AcademicFreedom

Inkscape, Johnny, Inkscape. But you know that already 😀

For figure panels, for posters, even for presentations now with its multi-page documents. Works brilliantly. I could not have done my work as a scientist over the last 20 years without #inkscape.

Inkscape has existed for 20+ years and, thanks to the power of open source, will continue to exist for decades to come, when all these and more subscription services have come and gone.


Why Scientific Fraud Is Suddenly Everywhere

"We’re so fixated on metrics because they determine funding for a university based on where it is in the rankings. So it comes from there and then it filters down. "

#academia #academicchatter

Challenges in Academia

A pointed article about what is going wrong, in part, with academia.

“The growth of managerial and administrative grades responsible more and more for controlling academics rather than supporting them is one of the most important trends in the modern university. That structure emits a constant white noise and static of demands that don’t seem connected to lecturers’ training or aims”

#AcademicChatter #HigherEd #Education #Academia

Here's a question for #academia: why shouldn't I count my contributions to major open-source projects which are scientifically relevant (e.g. Linux [1], OpenCV [2]) just like publications?

- They have a unique identifier.
- They are most certainly peer-reviewed (if you don't believe me, try to submit a Linux patch sometime)
- They are archived long-term.
- They are publicly available.

So... where's the difference?


Counting citations hasn't been a reliable measure of scientific impact for a while, especially on platforms like Google Scholar that compile info from random documents. Hyper-authorship, predatory journals, etc have all contributed to the problem.

This preprint just drives home how important it is to measure scientific impact more carefully and without reliance on automated metrics

Google Scholar is manipulatable

#science #academia #publishing #citations

Holy shit I love this research paper

#anthropology #anthro #academia #academicresearch #longevity

You all… it has started 😱

What should I do if I suspect one of the journal reviews I got is Al-generated?

#PeerReviewing #Academia #PublicationEthics

Job! An endowed professorship at Arizona State University in the systematics and taxonomy of ants. A rare opportunity for the right sort of ant nerd/desert rat.

#Ants #Academia #Entomology

From Chris Brink: "It is not difficult to construct a university ranking. What is needed is not so much any technical skill as enough blind self-confidence to tell the world that the arbitrary choices you have made in constructing your ranking actually represent reality."

#Academia #Rankings #Universities

My "favourite" thing about this study is the part where achaeologists who found hunting tools/weapons in women's graves assumed they were kitchen implements.

Like, "well Hans, in this woman's grave, we found what inscriptions at the time have named the Flail of Vengeance. As of right now, we are not sure to what culinary task this tool was turned, but conjecture that it was possibly the preparation of small pies."

#archaeology #feminism #women #academia #AcademicMastodon

The #UMontana is cancelling more than 5,000 #journals from #Elsevier, #TaylorAndFrancis, and #Wiley, forced by "rising journal…#prices and a stagnant #budget…The library has seen a $700,000 reduction in money received since fiscal year 2020."

#Academia #Cancellations #Libraries #Publishers #ScholComm #Universities

This is ignorant. Imagine thinking professor salaries are why college has gotten so expensive 🤦🏻‍♂️ #academia #university #academic

So true – it's nigh impossible to weigh the impact of research but years afterwards. Ask the microbiologists who were studying extremophile bacteria in a Yellowstone pond whether they thought their work would lead to the sequencing of the human genome and modern medicine as we know it. Or ask the zoologists who pulled out bioluminescent and fluorescent jelly fish out of the sea whether they thought scientific research in developmental biology, neuroscience and biology as a whole, remarkably even DNA sequencing, would be so thoroughly transformed. And these are just two examples in biology.


GFP: jellyfish Aequorea victoria

#academia #science

"New data released Thursday by the National Science Foundation show the exodus of young life scientists from the Ivory Tower to industry has reached the highest level in nearly three decades, deepening concerns about the future of academic science in the U.S....Ph.D. graduates are now pursuing postdocs at the lowest rate since at least 1995, based on STAT’s review of NSF data available online."

#science #research #academia #industry

Non-linear #career trajectories are frequently punished in #academia. This #PLOSBiology Perspective shows why individuals might choose non-linear careers and how these benefit #diversity in #science.

Hoping to see some new #science folks exploring Mastodon so figured it’s time for another #introduction - I’m Mya, a professor at the University of South Florida College of Marine Science. Our lab studies #microbes (bacteria, viruses, protists) in the oceans and other environments and also works on #fish egg identification. I also post about my cute dog and cat a lot! #USFCMS #ocean #marine #oceanography #microbiology #virology #research #seagrass #urchin #academia

So many good points in this piece by

My highlight in this screenshot (#science delivery & success is a TEAM effort!), but if you're vaguely involved in #academia +/- #bioinformatics, do have a read and think how it all may apply to you. #academicchatter @academicchatter

A new blog-post: the two cultures of bioinformatics, and how academia selects against one

We made these by special request some time ago but Disability Pride month seemed like the perfect time to share them. We say it a lot but it's worth repeating, anyone can do science⁠

#Disability #DisabilityPride #DisabilityPrideMonth
#cartoon #cartoons #comic #comics #instacomic #instacartoon
#academia #science #research

Happy to say I defended my dissertation "Methods and complexity in phage-bacteria ecology and evolution"!

Much thanks to all those who supported me throughout my PhD.

I'm glad to be sticking around the Turner Lab for another year as a post-doc to continue my work on multispecies phage-bacteria communities

#PhDone #AcademicChatter #AcademicMastodon #Academia #PhD #Ecology #Evolution #Phage #Phages

Today @eLife has reached 1,000 manuscript submissions using the new model, Reviewed Preprints

See all published Reviewed Preprints

Within themes, #eLife makes no distinction between old-style articles (where editors decided whether a manuscript is accepted) and reviewed preprints (where authors decide instead). Keep in mind both have the reviews attached, including as of recently a brief assessment paragraph summarizing, with a controlled vocabulary, the significance of findings and, more importantly, the strength of evidence.

See the subset of #eLife publications tagged as #neuroscience

#ScientificPublishing #academia #eLife

For anyone on the fence about #eLife's new publishing model, note there is no such thing as an "eLife paper", since the purpose of the review process in scientific publishing is to provide accurate, constructive reviews to authors. In modern times, dissemination doesn't depend on mailed-in printed periodicals.

Each eLife publication has an evaluation attached to it in the form of an assessment–be it negative or positive. Critically, authors decide whether to go forward with assessments as they are and go public, or to revise the manuscript and request re-review to improve both the manuscript and, consequently, the reviews and assessment.

In other words, nothing changed, except, it's the authors who decide how to move forward with their own manuscript, rather than the editors.

#ScientificPublishing #academia

Over on the bird site they're talking about how MDPI journals have been added to the list of "predatory" journals.

What do you think?

#academia #AcademicChatter #academic #science #publishing #PeerReview

  • About time! All MDPI journals are "predatory" (57%, 26 votes)
  • Mmm, only some MDPI journals are "predatory" (20%, 9 votes)
  • MDPI journals are iffy, but not fully "predatory" (20%, 9 votes)
  • MDPI journals are fine! (2%, 1 vote)
45 voters. Poll end: 1 year ago

Hello, world! We are the Climatematch team and we just landed on Mastodon.
Climatematch Academy is a wide-reaching, inclusive and approachable program aimed to introduce computational methods for climate science.
You can find more information about us on our website
Follow us for the latest update on our upcoming online course on July 17-28, 2023.
cc @neuromatch

#climate #climatematch #science #earthscience #environment #academia #Neuromatch

Content warning: peer review in academia

I have an open #PhD position for developing soft and biodegradable sensors.
Possibly using #AI #ML 🤖 and, obviously, #3DPrinting

#academia in Wageningen, the #Netherlands

more info here (and please boost):


Hi! #introduction ! I'm a #phd student in #chemistry ! I study #nanoparticle #liquidcrystal self-assembly, which has implications in our understandings of #biology nanostructures, #materials chemistry, and #nanotechnology

I’ve been #scicomm ing my #research on #twitch - I'm developing #3dprinting inks from seaweed and other #biomaterials !

I interview scientists weekly, so if you're interested, let me know! I’d love to have you

#phdchat #academic #academia #academicchatter #introduction

Amazingly, I am a part of an article submission today and a resubmission this week.

Neither article is my area of expertise, per se, but I made substantial contributions to both and learned a lot.

It's a great reminder that #science is a team sport. It's better and more productive to work together!

#Agriculture #Agroecology #SciWrit #Academia #Research

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