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Counting citations hasn't been a reliable measure of scientific impact for a while, especially on platforms like Google Scholar that compile info from random documents. Hyper-authorship, predatory journals, etc have all contributed to the problem.

This preprint just drives home how important it is to measure scientific impact more carefully and without reliance on automated metrics

Google Scholar is manipulatable

#science #academia #publishing #citations

New study: "We find that scientists are overwhelmingly (95%) failing to publish their #code and that there has been no significant improvement over time, but we also find evidence that code sharing can considerably improve #citations, particularly when combined with #OpenAccess publication."

#Impact #OACA #OpenSource #Reproducibility

New study: "Are #citations becoming more concentrated in a small number of articles? Or have recent geopolitical and technical changes in science led to more decentralized distributions?" Answer: It's the second, thanks to "a decline in uncited articles, which, in turn, can be attributed to the growing significance of #Asia and #Europe."

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