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Good morning. Summer surprise when I found this Passion Flower on the vines along the side of the house I’m staying in for this trip.

#Summer #photography #Flowers #passionflower #Chicago #bloomscrolling #Today

Almost alien looking Purple Passion Flower with its stringy leaves and green and golden crown

It’s #caturday and how better to spend it than laying in the sun with your bestie?

What’s everyone up to #today? I’m going to the studio, then hot pot for dinner, and I need to clean somewhere in between :blobfoxdizzy:

#cats #catsofmastodon

A black cat and a Siamese laying in the sun looking over their shoulders at the camera

The noisy neighborhood lawn brigade is messing up my lovely #CatioLife #Today. Going inside for a nap in one of my many beds. This one has a new cover that mom made. #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Summer #StevieTheCat #ClassicTabby
A Classic Tabby cat napping in his bed with an orange cover against a retro shade of orange wall.

Dedicated to everyone weaning off algorithm-bloated unsocial media. Inspired by something @robparsons said!

#music #depechemode #today #introduction

Fondly remembering Jim McDivitt, born 94 years ago #today. McDivitt flew to space on Gemini IV and Apollo 9, and then went on to take senior management positions in the Apollo Program.

Read more about his contributions to NASA's early spaceflight history:

25 years ago #today at 12:08 pm EDT, Space Shuttle Columbia touched down at @NASAKennedy 's Shuttle Landing Facility to complete the nearly 16-day STS-90 mission.

Learn more about STS-90:

25 years ago #today, Voyager 1 became the most distant human-made object in existence, surpassing Pioneer 10, which held that mantle for 25 years prior.

More about Voyager 1 and why it will remain our most distant probe for years to come

Poster: @NASAJPL

Living on a narrow boat is not all cosy fireplaces and warming croissants #today #canal
A pair of chocolate sprinkled croissants in a metal skillet on a stove with a hot glow visible through the window.

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