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Items tagged with: recycle

If you are going to make a bird feeder, make it on style.
For the name of the restaurant, It's a joke based on the local magpies, who steal food from the cats in our colony, so we've made them their own place. It means “The thieving magpie” which is also a nod to a Tintín comic book.

Yeah, I’m that kind of human.
#diy #birds #recycle

For those wondering what the end-goal was for my DIY battery pack, wonder no longer!

I've put it together with various other parts—mostly used or reclaimed—to create a little portable solar battery system.

In fact, I've been using it to keep all my personal electronics charged—phone, laptop, headphones, e-reader, watch—and logging all the power generation and usage for analysis.

#greenenergy #diy #recycle

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