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🎨 🧬 Take a look at the extraordinary watercolor paintings in the Molecular Landscapes Gallery by David S. Goodsell.

The watercolor paintings of David S. Goodsell integrate information from #StructuralBiology, #Microscopy and #Biophysics to simulate detailed views of the molecular structure of living cells. #Proteins, #NucleicAcids, and #LipidMembranes are shown; #SmallMolecules, ions, and water are omitted for clarity.

Free for use under CC-BY-4.0 license.

Scales on the abaxial frond surface of a herbarium specimen of Asplenium ceterach. This small fern lives on rocks and in the mortar lines of brick walls in Eurasia. The scales presumably prompted the common name 'rustyback' and help with what is unusual drought tolerance for a #fern. #microscopy #photography #botany


Hi all,
I am a Group Leader at HHMI Janelia Research Campus, working on the systems #neuroscience of flexible behavior and #learning, #brain-body communication, #microscopy, #computation, #astrocytes, and large #networks.

We enjoy collaborating, including with computational neuroscientists who want to take a look at whole-brain neuron + behavior data! Get in touch 😀

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