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Unity attempt to clarify new install fees as developers revolt

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In cases like these I remember the phrase "you can take down the ad to sell your child but you cannot make everyone forget they saw you advertising that you are the kind of person that would sell their children".
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What still baffles me is the claim that developers are not "on the hook" for installs via Game Pass and similar services as the distributor is the one who will be charged.
When did Microsoft sign that contract with Unity that'd allow them to invoice them for distributing a game on Game Pass?
As I see it, there's a deal between Unity and a dev, and then a different deal between that dev and Microsoft.
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Thank you for aggregating all this information! It really help to have an overview over the whole situation.
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I don't really like the phrasing that it was the botched announcement that made people angry.

They could have phrased it as nicely as they want, it's still a greedy company putting their financial interest over the needs of their users.

Charging more while making the experience worse and putting mandatory telemetry code in everything you publish

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I disagree on that, the first 6 paragraphs are just about phrasing and their failure to communicate.

Yes it also goes into other points too but I feel like that is the focus

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it’s going over the whole issue, it absolutely does not focus on the issue being communication 🤦‍♂️ context is important
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