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“Describe what you can bring to this company.”

#Art by Will McPhail

“Describe what you can bring to this company.” Comic by Will McPhail

Woman of color sits in front of a long panel of white men who all look the same.
Oh boy that brings back memories
Will McPhail always delivers the goods.
very striking. I betcha the next question would be about pregnancy....
Mike Pence will tell you we are very fair to others. My surgeon left the hospital and she is one of the best in the department. Is it because the department dominated by male surgeons?
LOL! it is obvious, she doesn't even have to say anything!
ughhh. Me. Every interview. The only times I get an offer is if a woman is on the panel. So I refuse to interview if there is not a single female ✔️
Description (Alt Text) can be improved a bit. All these white men are formally look the same, but behave very differently.
What seems to be common for all them that all they see this interview as a boring chore.
One read his phone, other, sleep, other sit in informal pose.
What is common between them is that they do not want anyone join to their organization. What they dream about is this formality to end sooner.
Such picture happens in frozen and dead organizations. (large corp & gov).
I get the point but I could not help but think ":first, I'd reduce the size of your hiring panels".
Used to have the execs tour our worksite (like they had a clue what they were looking at 🙄). They all dressed the same, looked the same. White, 50ish, suit, tie, lame haircut, etc. They would follow their leader like baby ducks. We took to calling them "Copy and the Pastes".
That's G. Gordon Liddy, second from the left 😂
A clean coffee pot.

, This is a question 🤔 one can ask Republicans "What can you bring to this country"? Answer "Fascism ".

Cartoon addresses misogyny in Corps
#Republicans #Gop #corporations #misogyny

Alt text
Long table with 10 white men in suits and ties. On the other side of the table a woman.
Text is
Tell us what you bring to the company
needs and expectations of morality, kindness, and equality along with a set income tied directly to the c-suites compensation packages.
Much needed feminine touch! 😊❤️
this reminds me of an ex-gf who was asked to join a panel discussion in Switzerland about "Die Feminine" all the panelist were men and it occurred to them they might need to have one actual woman on the panel, so she said no. that is why she was my "girlfriend"
I always answer the question before they ask it.
Better hair, for a start!
In my head it's the ultra-competent, smart woman, asked these mediocre, entitled, suited men, what can they bring to her company...
Let's turn the table and make it a reality!
"I will not spend my day golfing or at a strip club and call it work. Is that good enough ? Also, I will run circles around you in any business or engineering discipline you choose"
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This is rarely a thing at good tech companies. While there may be 6-12 people tag teaming interviewees. It's less about stupid questions like this and more about explaining the ARP protocol.

At one startup my qa director was an animal. She worked right up until her delivery. Had the kid over the weekend and came in the next Monday. Crazy.

My life as an engineer in the 80s and 90s!
"A commencer, une légère ouverture d'esprit, car vous avez tous l'air de clones bien coincés... Hum, après réflexion, je crains que votre entreprise ne corresponde pas à mon profil, je préfère faire valoir mes compétences professionnelles ailleurs."
If you are a chef or a house repairman and an employer asks you for a CV you will know they are only interested in numbers.

#metoo I think after pandemic we totally forgot about it.

Content warning: féminisme

Just tell them that you'll buy company stock if hired😆

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