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<sad broken robot noises>

That story was a literal - but very short - rollercoaster.

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I think #Ai needs to be used to solve problems that are really hard.

Driving a car is pretty easy, I managed it at 17 and others younger.

Writing words, creating art is something we have all done and in the scheme of things relatively easy.

Lets do something really really hard with it.

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"Don't worry, it's a self driving car." The kids are alright lol
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Surprise ending! Made me laugh. Needed that on this stormy, rainy, dreary day in Minnesota. Thank you both.
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It reminds me of a Story in the german computer magazin c't.

Basically selfdriving cars were destroying themselves and there drivers because of an small error. No one was to know about this error, since that would ruin the reputation of self driving cars. Hence they drove all off a remote cliff and drowned them self. 🤷‍♂️

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