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Marina Abramovic: “Instagram is not art. Social media is not art. These kids are not artists. I’m sorry, but they’re not.”
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If I were someone who worked in a medium that the establishment refused to recognize as art for decades, I’d be verrry careful about the words, “These kids are not artists.” coming out of my mouth.

She later explains that they’re not operating within the context of art… but early performance art wasn’t either. In fact I’d say that *every* art movement expands the boundaries of “context.”

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thx for the gift pointer!¡

"...Abramovic is currently the subject of a show at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, where she is the first female artist to host a major solo exhibition in the main galleries of the 255-year-old institution."

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She's someone very special, difficult and accessible. I admire her work and I think I'd either absolutely love or despise her if I knew her.

"You have to understand that nobody is going to come and help you. That makes you incredibly tough."

This is a good interview and I agree with her; it's not #art if it's created primarily for approval.

#TheArtistIsPresent is a great #documentary about #MarinaAbramovic and her art.

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I love Abramovich but I don’t think any one human gets to be a gatekeeper on what is and isn’t art.
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Bullshit. An artist is anyone who calls themselves an artist. Art is anything an artist calls art. The only legitimate (and eternal) discussion to be had is what is good art and what is bad art.

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