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Daily Doodles Aug 5 to 13 #art #pico8
love the chips! I'm curious what features your pico-8 drawing program has. I saw a pixel program with a brush that would remove jagged edges from the selected area. The algorithm would only really work in 1bit like the program was unless you came up with a way to determine what color would be behind the removed pixel, but I was pleasantly surprised because subconsciously I thought there weren't any more tools to have lol.
@neauoire could you explain how that algorithm works? I would like to try implementing it sometime, or even trying to guess what color would be behind the pixel/which is the line automatically. I tried reading the code but could not understand what it was meaning.
@neauoire what does at an angle mean? thanks btw, i loved using that in noodle
@neauoire ohhh I think you mean that the two neighboring pixels make a 90 degree L shape. interesting. I think it's possible that the following shape might not want to get deleted, as they are sort of visually connected. What do you think?
@waporwave ah yeah, it's not a perfect algorithm, it's just good enough for me. Try some variance of it 😁
@neauoire It is really nice, i enjoyed using it a lot. I think Aseprite might have a similar mode during drawing that will remove those type of things. nice stuff u make
Daily Doodles Aug 23 to 31 #art #pico8
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Daily Doodles Oct 16 to 24 #art #pico8

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