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Watched the last episode of TechOverTea by @BrodieOnLinux , with Georges Stavracas, a great lead dev in Gnome, Wayland, you name it. The amount of shiite and harassment he, and many other FOSS people have to suffer is simply staggering. And no, it's not 'them', it is from the 'free and opensource community'. It's by us. Think about that and let it sink in. We have to do better for them and act, no coffee talk. As a true community.

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Brodie Robertson
@AtPlume I totally understand not liking it and being incredibly critical of the technical descisions that are made, the refusal to do anything but CSD for one is simply a bad idea. This I fully support, what I don't like are people who extend that into character assassinations and go after the people behind the project.

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