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do you know where I might find info on how to print this zine?
@ch0ccyra1n ummmm you can just download the pdf and print it off at any printer? A library or you can send it to a print shop and have it mass printed? Idk if that helps?
sorry, I should have clarified that I'm referring to formatting for print, since when printing a zine, the most common format I've seen is letter-imposed (which that PDF isn't). I was wondering what kind of print settings would be most ideal for your zine 😅
@ch0ccyra1n lol oops. Double sided is the way it’s designed to be printed! ☺️
Ah thanks! I've got a copy printed out now. Turns out for my printer this zine is meant to be printed double-sided on the short-edge although it may vary for each zine and printer. That's just what worked for this copy I printed.
A copy of "On Anarchism: An Indigenous Queer Perspective" sitting on a granite table.
@ch0ccyra1n oh hell yeah! Thanks for the feedback I didn’t think of the short vs long side double printing. I’m exactly have a copy now!!! ☺️🖤
just recommended this to my comrades at work 😀
oooo yay! Lmk what they think if they tell you? 😀

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