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Noted. πŸ˜€ Which flavor of Linux do you like? I am slave to Win10... I am not going to go there with 11. Nope. πŸ˜€
if you are new I would recommend mint

if you want to feel more linux like I would recommend ubuntu for it's weird layout πŸ˜‚

if you want to suicide after a week, I would recommend arch or gentoo
but to answer your question, I like arch linux
I like Kubuntu. πŸ˜€
Never tried it πŸ˜…

I used to be a fan boy for gnome but after what they did with termite ( I started to hate gnome as whole and I moved to KDE
yeah lol until you lock yourself for several days trying to install gentoo πŸ˜‚

it's my 3rd day now
I installed Kubuntu and I'm happy πŸ˜€ Is Gentoo based on Debian?
You really do not want to touch gentoo unless you want to suffer πŸ˜‚

It's based on (not sure?) but it's source based distro means you compile everything. no .deb packages

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Nope. I'm sticking to what I was taught in college which unfortunately is Windows.. which is I reckon, it's own kind of hell?
windows hell is bad, Linux mint hell is fine and easy

I started to use status page to make sure all of my websites are working fine and oh my god, first day of running and a lot of down time already (there are more)!

Man, it feels awesome when people fork or star my projects. I feel like i'm doing something for people and it feels great, like i'm living for a reason

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When you index your website on google but nobody click on it

It's frankly Microshit. πŸ™ I want a Mac but I don't want to shell out the big bucks. πŸ™ Maybe a Hackintosh??

Me coming home after having bad day and find vultr opened SMTP port for me

Good and bad news
Good news now i can get and send mailcow emails!!!!!
bad news is my #ISP sucks so bad that even using SMTP relay i can't use 2525 port (yes my ISP blocked that too) but thank god they did not block 26 so yup it works now hooray!!!
worth to mention all ISPs here suck when it comes to port 25 (by all i mean ALL) so yup

Ah! now i know i can't send emails on 25 port
can we all take a moment to say fuck you to

checked dkim, dmarc and spf entries? I have no Problems except

it's you and me #mailcow it's you and me...

One of us will get out of this winning, it's either me and use my own email or it's you and will make me hate whole selfhosting thing

After running my local machine (server) for 4 days in row i made a stupid mistake and now i need to reinstall whole OS

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"literally web developers"

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And pentester. And those who looks for vulnerability. And those who make tools to find bug.
Spiders as in web crawlers?

Dealing with two #DHCP servers on different IPs level is a fucking mess and i do not even know on which router i should open ports for #nginx

So first of all fuck my ISP ( they did NOTHING about helping me to config my new router...
Second, I'm finally able to use internet from my new router (Thank God) and yup maybe some more days and my website and selfhosting projects will come back to live

-I'm mad so excuse my English mistakes-

We do not deserve covid, we deserve big sun explosion or even earth explosion. I believe we deserve covid, why you might ask? because the new variant of covid omicron (or whatever how you say it) literally got created because of our fucking greed, people like #bill gates refusing to 'open source' their vaccine and say no no we will distribute it in our way and stop WHO's program and he do nothing at the end too so nothing get distributed and people in Africa still can't get their hands on their first vaccine shot and new variant comes out so yes i believe we deserve to die because of our fucking greed, someone is willing to literally risk all of our all lives instead of open sourcing their vaccine and help us to get better future. Fuck this life man
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DO NOT buy #ADSL, buy #VDSL

I bought ADSL and now i have low internet speed, thanks my dumb me!
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Why it's so fucking hard to get basic VDSL modem that i can hookup with my wifi router and flash openwrt on it?

Funny stuff, i broke my #router a week ago because i thought it's not working right and i was mistaken, it was faulty wires and now I'm stuck (that's what she said) with old router with one Ethernet port which i can run my server and my PC at same damn time

My takeaway is, do not break your router

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