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Explore ~14 billion years of time in this fascinating graphical summary of events from the Big Bang to the present day by talented artist Pablo Carlos Budassi.

Beginning at center of the spiral, every billion years is represented by a 90-degree stretch, with the exception of the last 500 million years represented as the last 90-degree stretch for greater detail. #art #science

A graphical summary of notable events from the Big Bang to the present day.

A spiral starting from the center to the outer end. Notable events are annotated. Every billion years (Ga) is represented by a 90-degree stretch of the spiral. The last 500 million years are represented in a 90-degree stretch for more detail on our recent history. Some of the events depicted are the emergence of cosmic structures (stars, galaxies, planets, clusters, and other structures), the emergence of the solar system, the Earth and the Moon, important geological events (gases in the atmosphere, great orogenies, glacial periods, etc.), emergence and evolution of living beings (first microbes, plants, animals, fungi), the evolution of hominid species and important events in human evolution.

OMG I have so many things to google when I get home.

How do we even know about the suavsarvi meteor impact?

What does "dark energy overtakes gravity" even mean?

What is the "azolla event"? Could it provide info to help with our current climate crisis?

That looks fantastic 😀
anyone discovered which message is dawning in the very near future? Brillant art! Thanks for sharing!
makes me wonder how many other planets have had a similar enough experience, and thus should have life.
I love stuff like this. While not nearly as visual, the framing of the universe and earth as 24hr clocks has always blown the kids' minds, too, to communicate large numbers:

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