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Do you like listening to #music? Do you have a @Raspberry_Pi? Read, how we built our office #hifi πŸ˜€

A #RaspberryPi, a #hifiberry amp, and #AudioEngine speakers, running #volumio. But the possibilities are endless.

in reply to Peter Czanik

Imagine working with me in an office with that setup. I listen to djent, techdeath, doom etc almost exclusively with the occasional outlier rock or punk song. And I get angry when I'm force-fed something mellow "easy listening" and downright homicidal with pop. Visiting a grocery store is a pain if I forget my headphones πŸ™‰

When I was last working at the office and had open earphones I got several "Can you turn down the vol, or turn it off?" from coworkers...

in reply to Raspberry Pi :raspberrypi:

sorry. πŸ˜… it seems I can't be arsed to clean up the mentions when replying so my replies go to everyone. And the kitchen sink... πŸ€” Wrong idiom.

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