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To everyone following my Gonk adventures. Inside this little fella is a @Raspberry_Pi PicoW, a mmWave presence sensor from @seeedstudio , a small mono OLED screen, a pair of green LEDs and a single Neopixel. The whole arrangement is hooked up to #homeassistant using the MiniMQTT library in @circuitpython (#CircuitPython also controls all the hardware too).

#starwars #raspberrypi #RaspberryPiPico #maker #project

Vernon Update: We designed/made a shim for the Ozito batteries in the vacuum cleaner... this lets us borrow some of the 18V power and use it to drive our motors and #ESP32 or @Raspberry_Pi Pico (we're planning to try both).

We've also finished designing/printing all the main hardware parts to get it rolling, such as the drive gears, hose adapters clean up the front end, and an integrated adapter inside the hose part that connects it all to the chassis.

Our resident electronics guru also got the motors hooked up and wheels turning, so now it's just a matter of getting the code done (doesn't he just ask AI to do that these days? easy peasy) and Vernon will be cruising around the space sucking up everyones belongings.

#hackerspace #project #diy #robotics #robot

We're excited to share our latest project with you! We used a Raspberry Pi Pico W to build a custom vibration generator for a physics experiment. Watch the video where we walk you through the build process & share the code:
@Raspberry_Pi @RaspberryPi #STEMeducation #stem #maker #raspberrypi #electronic #project #coding #python #micropython #physics #school #science

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