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About 10 million years ago, Platybelodon, this delightfully ridiculous ancestor of the elephant, roamed Africa, Asia, Europe & North America. #Art by Tomasz Jedrzejowski #science
Platybelodon. Artist: Tomasz Jedrzejowski
They deserve to have a software named after them.
that's a very platy set of belows it has too!

paleontologist William Sanders of the University of Michigan wrote in an email to WIRED. β€œBut recent analysis of tusk wear surfaces show that they were used more as scythes to cut tough vegetation.”


If it wasn't you that had posted this I would have sworn this was a prank...
"OK, AI - draw a picture of the offspring and an upside-down beaver..."
Elypus? Platyphant?
I want to believe - but if these had ever really existed, wouldn't there already be an open source software project named after them?
the article suggests they most likely did not look like that, thankfully. Those cartoon like jaws couldn’t work. As the article says, trunks are separate to mouths. There’s a model of one, later in the article, that seems to be closer to what current archaeologists believe they looked like. Still weird though. The problem for archaeologists is, trunks don’t fossilise as well as jaw bones.
Gomphotheres for the win!
Can't explain it but this looks like a picture of the mansplaining stratum of Mastodon
The fact that I found out about this on Mastodon is rather fitting.
Elephants have deeper roots in the history of evolution.
why does only the baby platybelodon have nostrils?

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