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On Leaving BigInternet (1)

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Danny Martinez
Oh for youtube rss, I do a combination of youtube's direct method, that is$CHANNELID
where the channel id is the string on a channel's URI; and , which I have self-hosted somewhere. I tend to use rss-bridge more, since it also rss-ifies a whole bunch of things.
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Huh, thanks for the tip @Daniel Martinez I didn't know about that method. It's not video searches, but if there was a channel I wanted to watch everything on, I'd definitely look into that.
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Slay the #Cyberdemons. Personal unorganized boycotts might not "work" if we intend to cause a big change quickly, but they do add value to your life by 1) depriving your opponents of your hard-earned money, 2) by depriving your opponents of data-derived profits, 3) by financially rewarding the competitors who provide products or services that align with your values, 4) by requiring you to re-evaluate whether you really need certain things and then thinking creatively to find a solution to your needs while living by your values wherever possible, and 5) by setting an example for others to follow. Naturally, there are times where we must pay a toll to cross that bridge, but in most cases there are alternate routes if we're willing to swim.

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