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On Leaving BigInternet (1)

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Boycotts don't work, just to warn you. Protests work, and boycotts often go along with protests, but there's never been a case where simply deciding to avoid buying something from a certain company has done anything. So, unless you think it's going to fail for other reasons, go ahead and keep shopping at amazon, and use your saved time and money to organize ways to destroy them.

On the other hand, if their product is actually dangerous to use, like the backdoors in closed source software, then it is a good idea to avoid it, but only for the safety of you and your friends, not to have any impact on the company you're avoiding.

Interestingly boycotts that refuse to sell to a company, rather than buy from them, do sometimes work, so if people refuse to use amazon as their escrow service, that might bite into their pocketbook.
I (usually) don’t want to give control of services to other companies, especially if I know how to do it myself.
You might be interested in the idea of Service as a Software Substitute. That's a good article explaining why it's a really good idea to do it yourself, if it's possible, and a better idea to do it for yourself and your friends, but that letting a strange company do it is exploitative.
Google Maps: The alternatives are wanting
Yeah, getting access to those satellite photos, then transferring all that data around is very non-trivial...
I could download videos at full res, but that’s an extra step.
Eh, hard disk space is cheap, plus you can rewatch them without Youtube's permission, or share them with others. Plus it doesn't cut into Youtube's bandwidth, which I'm sure they appreciate. (No, no they don't appreciate it at all they hate it.)

Oh I am under no such impression that this has any effect on the corps - I tried not to include the word boycott for that reason ;) I think we're pretty much on the same page here. Really, this whole journey is part for the learning experience, part exploration into how full of an experience an "ideologically pure" libre ecosystem can provide (I try to use GPL-licensed software where possible. I have a vague, p irrational hierarchy of licenses I prefer. Like, for some reason I like MIT more than the 2-clause BSD? Even though they’re so similar as for the discussion to be moot), and part bragging rights tbh. Even then, it’s imperfect since I stated those spaces in my life where I let proprietary stuff remain.
I am SUPER interested in any protest ideas against the big guys. Since I live in LIC, I was present at anti-AmazonHQ protests, and am not unhappy with the results. But, indeed, I’m growing to strongly believe some kind of regulation is necessary to reign in the abuses these corps have committed.

That SaaSS article was definitely one that affected me when I first read it! It also started a long thought journey for what it means to be “devops” person in a world where that mostly means furthering these types of systems.

Maps is indeed the undisputed champ. I don’t even use the sat photos – for me it is the biking and transit directions.

Also, I actually just had a thought thanks to your comment– since tinytinyRSS has a robust API, I think it should be relatively straightforward to write a quick thing to pull my youtube subscriptions, download them on my home server using youtube-dl

Oh for youtube rss, I do a combination of youtube's direct method, that is$CHANNELID
where the channel id is the string on a channel's URI; and , which I have self-hosted somewhere. I tend to use rss-bridge more, since it also rss-ifies a whole bunch of things.

Huh, thanks for the tip @Daniel Martinez I didn't know about that method. It's not video searches, but if there was a channel I wanted to watch everything on, I'd definitely look into that.

Slay the #Cyberdemons. Personal unorganized boycotts might not "work" if we intend to cause a big change quickly, but they do add value to your life by 1) depriving your opponents of your hard-earned money, 2) by depriving your opponents of data-derived profits, 3) by financially rewarding the competitors who provide products or services that align with your values, 4) by requiring you to re-evaluate whether you really need certain things and then thinking creatively to find a solution to your needs while living by your values wherever possible, and 5) by setting an example for others to follow. Naturally, there are times where we must pay a toll to cross that bridge, but in most cases there are alternate routes if we're willing to swim.