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so if you ignore the casual transphobia, homophobia, racism and sexism of an adam sandler film, "click" is actually a pretty mediocre movie about the unpredictable negative consequences of machine learning

oh, i did not realize that gmaps pushes ads in the directions themselves now :|



Gotta love a banger that devolves into 'blah blah blah' & Binding Arbitration

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On Leaving BigInternet (1)

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Huh, thanks for the tip @Daniel Martinez I didn't know about that method. It's not video searches, but if there was a channel I wanted to watch everything on, I'd definitely look into that.

Slay the #Cyberdemons. Personal unorganized boycotts might not "work" if we intend to cause a big change quickly, but they do add value to your life by 1) depriving your opponents of your hard-earned money, 2) by depriving your opponents of data-derived profits, 3) by financially rewarding the competitors who provide products or services that align with your values, 4) by requiring you to re-evaluate whether you really need certain things and then thinking creatively to find a solution to your needs while living by your values wherever possible, and 5) by setting an example for others to follow. Naturally, there are times where we must pay a toll to cross that bridge, but in most cases there are alternate routes if we're willing to swim.



Oh, sweet, since I fixed the SPF record on my domain, i guess it's probably time to do an #intro post!
I'm Danny - a person that likes libre stuff. i spun up this friendica instance as my first real foray into the ~~fediverse~~. It is free to anyone to join. It's set to approval mostly to discourage spammy stuff.
In general i like to embrace the grey in life. I believe stuff like:
Genres are meaningless
using 'they/them/theirs" as the default for all people unless otherwise indicated/preferred [ok this requires forcing my brain bc english so it's super not perfect but i can still BELIEVE]
colorism is more deeply rooted than racism and i hate it, like a lot
using nocaps is subverting the linguistic perscriptivist patriarchy

so, uuh, yes, HI FEDIVERSE

finally sort of caught up with the mastodon ~~drama~~ that's been happening over the last few years. If there's one image that kept coming to mind, it is the last time I was at AWS Re:Invent. That week was (by a very very very large margin) the most percentage of "whites only" I've seen on grindr & scruff profiles.

Oh man, so I started a reply 3 weeks ago and then got sucked into re-discovering GNUnet and reading all about this secushare thing (I have to admit, though, even after reading I think everything on their site, I'm still not 100% clear on what it is, even though I completely agree with most of their reasonings behind creating a new platform)
I think your comparison to GMail is quite apt. Email is supposedly the most successful form of federation we have, and the current status kind of sucks. A flawed argument to your comments on restrictions, privacy, is to self-host one's own services. One of the most divisive topics in self-hosting communities that I've seen is email EXACTLY for that reason - since email has been relegated to a very few e-mail companies, even if you're following modern standards for e-mail, like SPF, DKIM, DMARC, checking for spam, malware, etc - you might still get blacklisted from major providers like google, microsoft for no reason other than you are not big enough to be considered a trustworthy e-mail server.
There are no good solutions, we can definitely commiserate on that. Here's to hoping that some of these flaws of federation can be alleviated - I hold belief in our libre communities 😀

Ha ha ha, yes, all part of my evil plan to keep you distracted with fascinating crypto projects foreeeeevevvvveeeeerrrrrr.

GNUnet is pretty much Freenet, except open source, with 15 years of some german professor's academic research added to it. They mean to replace the Internet, so they're really doing all sorts of wire level protocol stuff to preserve privacy. It seems pretty slick, but I haven't been able to test it a lot, since I have no friends who wanna use it.

And Secushare is basically supposed to be Diaspora over GNUnet. So for instance you wouldn't have pods, but public keys that identified you. And each aspect would be a GNUnet "CADET" node, which is a key you can look up in a decentralized data store, to get info on my latest posts to that aspect, digitally signed, and online even if I'm not available. In theory. If they ever actually wrote the program that is, instead of writing more essays on

Ironically, I do run my own self-hosted email server. But I don't think that doing that is going to save email. A stopgap measure at best.