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so if you ignore the casual transphobia, homophobia, racism and sexism of an adam sandler film, "click" is actually a pretty mediocre movie about the unpredictable negative consequences of machine learning

oh, i did not realize that gmaps pushes ads in the directions themselves now :|
Изображение / Фото & Binding Arbitration

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On Leaving BigInternet (1)

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Huh, thanks for the tip @Daniel Martinez I didn't know about that method. It's not video searches, but if there was a channel I wanted to watch everything on, I'd definitely look into that.

Slay the #Cyberdemons. Personal unorganized boycotts might not "work" if we intend to cause a big change quickly, but they do add value to your life by 1) depriving your opponents of your hard-earned money, 2) by depriving your opponents of data-derived profits, 3) by financially rewarding the competitors who provide products or services that align with your values, 4) by requiring you to re-evaluate whether you really need certain things and then thinking creatively to find a solution to your needs while living by your values wherever possible, and 5) by setting an example for others to follow. Naturally, there are times where we must pay a toll to cross that bridge, but in most cases there are alternate routes if we're willing to swim.



Oh, sweet, since I fixed the SPF record on my domain, i guess it's probably time to do an #intro post!
I'm Danny - a person that likes libre stuff. i spun up this friendica instance as my first real foray into the ~~fediverse~~. It is free to anyone to join. It's set to approval mostly to discourage spammy stuff.
In general i like to embrace the grey in life. I believe stuff like:
Genres are meaningless
using 'they/them/theirs" as the default for all people unless otherwise indicated/preferred [ok this requires forcing my brain bc english so it's super not perfect but i can still BELIEVE]
colorism is more deeply rooted than racism and i hate it, like a lot
using nocaps is subverting the linguistic perscriptivist patriarchy

so, uuh, yes, HI FEDIVERSE

finally sort of caught up with the mastodon ~~drama~~ that's been happening over the last few years. If there's one image that kept coming to mind, it is the last time I was at AWS Re:Invent. That week was (by a very very very large margin) the most percentage of "whites only" I've seen on grindr & scruff profiles.

Ah, yeah it does seem kind of sketchy to unconditionally ban Nazis, then establsh yourself as the benevolent dictator for life, and expect nobody to have a problem with that. Personally my biggest beef with Mastodon (aside from the fact that #federation is #stupid) is that it has these tiny columns that look great if you have a closed source, spyware laden smartphone, but on a laptop... not the greatest UI.

Oh man, so I started a reply 3 weeks ago and then got sucked into re-discovering GNUnet and reading all about this secushare thing (I have to admit, though, even after reading I think everything on their site, I'm still not 100% clear on what it is, even though I completely agree with most of their reasonings behind creating a new platform)
I think your comparison to GMail is quite apt. Email is supposedly the most successful form of federation we have, and the current status kind of sucks. A flawed argument to your comments on restrictions, privacy, is to self-host one's own services. One of the most divisive topics in self-hosting communities that I've seen is email EXACTLY for that reason - since email has been relegated to a very few e-mail companies, even if you're following modern standards for e-mail, like SPF, DKIM, DMARC, checking for spam, malware, etc - you might still get blacklisted from major providers like google, microsoft for no reason other than you are not big enough to be considered a trustworthy e-mail server.
There are no good solutions, we can definitely commiserate on that. Here's to hoping that some of these flaws of federation can be alleviated - I hold belief in our libre communities 😀