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Let's talk about Japan, the UK, Republicans, and recession....

If they break it make them pay for it. Boycott ALL Republican Businesses and Cease doing business with the Republicans and their family members. Refuse to serve them in restaurants, Uber service, and any form of Service they might hire temporarily. Pull the Rug out From Under their smug little A**es and show them their failure to run the government means they deserve NOTHING. Sabotage has a price.


Let's talk about Utah, libraries, and finding out....

A Sword Has Two Edges....

#News #Utah #Libraries #MaliciousCompliance #BeauOfTheFifthColumn

Let's talk about Abbott's pardon problem....

Here's What Beau Is Talking About, Link:

#BeauOfTheFifthColumn #Abbot #RightWingShooter #Oops

As a Brit I've only recently come across
Mister Rogers, we regularly watch #beauofthefifthcolumn who often references him.
He seems a wonderful man, people like this are few and far between. It's a shame more people aren't able to live by his philosophy.. also a shame we've never had anyone like this in the UK

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