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Can Casper the friendly boat make it out of maker Matt's bath and across the Atlantic?

#RaspberryPi #sailing

This is happening again tomorrow. The annual #RoundTheIslandRace

This is an old shot from 2010 but rescued from the archives yesterday. This particular year we hired a small plane from the guy who took us up to photograph the Isle of Wight Festival.

This year I'll stay at the shop while Steve treks around various viewpoints with the camera and the drone. Next week I'll have to try and blag that I understand something about #sailing when people ask us if we have a particular shot! #TheNeedles

Boat sale page for Songbird up!

That was a lot of photos and details to check. Hope I got it right.

Proofreading/feedback welcome. I know the photos aren't broker level, but at least they're honest 😁

And if you know someone who needs a good boat...

#CruisingLife #Boat #Sailing #ForSale

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