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US citizens or permanent residents from an under-represented group! High school thru postdoc/faculty.

Contact any NIH-funded researcher you admire & suggest applying for this supplement to join their lab! Many, like me, are happy to host! Pls boost

(side note: women DO count as under-represented in some fields). Eligible groups listed here:

#ResearchFunding #BlackInSTEM #Grants #PostdocFellowships #PhDFunding #PhDFellowships @academicchatter

An extraordinary pharmaceutical #chemist to celebrate for #BlackHistoryMonth - Alice Ball (1892-1916) who developed 1st effective treatment for #leprosy. Her research saved 1000s from exile & painful, ineffective lifelong treatment for leprosy, & she was a trailblazer for both women & Black scientists.⁠

Ball studied #chemistry at UW earning a BSc & 2nd degree in pharmacy 2 years later.

#printmaking #sciart #BlackInSTEM #womenInSTEM #histstm

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