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Big, wonky win for #FairUse in US #copyright:$file/22-7063-2016393.pdf

TLDR: If a tech standard becomes part of a legal standard, you can share it freely online without fear of liability for infringement.

“Many private organizations develop and copyright suggested technical standards ... We hold that the non-commercial dissemination of such standards, as incorporated by reference into law, constitutes fair use and thus cannot support liability for copyright infringement.

«El #copyright no es la solución» afirma @beabusaniche de Fundación Vía Libre.

Como en casi todos los problemas que plantea la Inteligencia Artificial, la cuestión no es lo que puede hacer o no, sino las grandes asimetrías que hay en sus usos y su desarrollo 👇

Hay un sábado de común de denominadores 🙌🤓
Ya están disponibles nuestras lecturas recomendadas de agosto: las demandas contra #InternetArchive, derechos de autor y #copyright, criptomonedas e #InteligenciaArtificial, y mucho más.

¡Buenas lecturas! 👇

When you think about public libraries and the publishers’ market power in digital book licensing, sit for a minute with the fact that publishers view free book lending as a form of unfair competition that they’d like to eliminate. If ©️ law can’t support and sustain public libraries in the digital age, then its constitutional purpose has been abandoned. #copyright #lawfedi

The Internet Archive has lost its first fight to scan and lend e-books like a library - The Verge

"For many creators, the question of whether they can use something seems so simple, but can be really hard to figure out. Until recently, a lot of that data has been locked away in these public records."

"...locked away in these public records" is a mind-blower in itself.

#librarians #copyright #PublicDomain

This is wild and not in a good way:

Basically a hack to get around the EU Copyright law affects interlibrary loans. The implementation is crazy, but the whole concept of needing such a solution is even crazier.

# # #

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