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@Danny (he/they) I think I was meant to share this with you at some point

@Danny (he/him) omg they keep making hits. ordering some with pinebuds once they go up.

The Roshambo retro game case, controlled and cart SSD is now available in the Pine Store❗️

Works with #ROCK64 and #ROCKPro64

Fully supported by R-Cade

Pine Store link:

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Regarding my last post. "Art isn't dead, you're just stuck watching corporate sh**" (Disney/Marvel/DC/EA Games/Blizzard/ Activision)

I was talking with a friend about it.
90% of what I consume is indie media. Bcz I learned habits that allow me to find cool indie stuff seamlessly.

But it can be hard for ppl who are used to just consume what is trending, to just go off the grid with their media.

Maybe we need something like a "manual to abandon corporate media". It could be a Zine.


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one thing I can recommend is to visit your local art house cinema (if you happen to live in the vicinity of one). Also local film festivals are great, and very often free or cheaper than regular tickets. I work organizing those kinds of events so I have firsthand experience

@Danny Pinebuds are coming soon!!

November update:
Community Q&A Nov 25th
Newsflash- community, dev and Pine Store news
#PineBudsPro available December 2nd - ready to use
#Ox64 boots #Linux - available in December
#Star64 available in coming weeks
#PineTime InfiniTime 1.11 & new apps

Blog post link:

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:BlobCatSurprised: my body is ready, was just thinking that my ear buds are really janky and wondering what I want to get to replace them

oh gosh, are real people ending up on here now? should probably do some housekeeping on this instance 😅

queer bar in brooklyn tryin' to unionize!
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thanks for sharing! @michaelafisher have you heard about this? Sounds like good news to me 😀

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We would like to see more translations of scholarly articles, as the name of our group suggests.

One way to stimulate their production is to bring them inside the scientific reward system. We thus propose to publish translations in scholarly journals and call on editors to publish such translations and make this clear in the instructions for authors.

The call in English:
And in Indonesian:

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Autofocus glasses!
What with the inexorable march of time etc, I find it harder to change focus from near to far.
These glasses have refocusable lenses (from some horrible cheap dial-eye specs), a couple of little linear servos to drive them, and a couple of endoscope camera modules to track my eyes.
The focus is adjusted based on where my eyes are converging.

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2021 Media Diet

On Leaving Big Internet (2)

Important: Most local reporters primarily come up as crime reporters. These are pure access relationships that depend on a cop giving a tip about a burgulalry to one TV station over another.…

Corporate media — which benefits from a close relationship with police and is threatened by mass movements — is going to spend the next few weeks lecturing a grieving community about how to best respond to the state-sanctioned murder of its people.

Rediscovering the Small Web

"Today's web is mostly commercial. The smaller web of individuals has neither the resources nor the will to compete for visibility and audience the way the commercial web does"

Another great post by @neustadt - welcome to Mastodon by the way, a part of the new small web!

“It’s day 69 of quarantine so you know what that means!

That’s right. Time to stand a corpse length away from your dying loved one as they drown in their own lungs for the sake of a perverse intended mutual satisfaction that neither of you actually …

whole timeline is upside down feels like up is down left is right hot is cold but guess what THERE ARE STILL INFINITE GENDERS AND INFINITE SEXES some truths just dont change thats buckaroo science. checkmate devils

Ohio launched a website where employers can report workers who refuse to work during the coronavirus pandemic.

So this hacker made a script that fills the website with junk data in an attempt to make it useless.

DasQ Covid Fund

Hey Fediverse,
If you're doing okay, please to consider giving to this non-profit I work with. They're in Corona, Queens - one of the hardest hit places thusfar
keep strong~

Introducing Inkscape 1.0! After a little over three years in development, we're excited to launch this long-awaited version for Windows and Linux (and the macOS preview) Watch the release video ( and download it here:

Note: If the download link doesn't work, check back a little later. The files are being propagated across our CDN.

“I feel like this skeleton wants to fuck so bad but his pickup lines are just awful”

“Mothra is known for protecting all life on Earth from threats. On #EarthDay we celebrate our planet & take on a part of Mothra's work protecting the planet.

“Sorry to announce you're not allowed to post your hot takes during quarantine anymore. Everyone is too online right now -- the discourse is growing too powerful.”

on our lord and saviour

poppy has been warning us of our current covid times

1. in scary mask, poppy talks about wearing her mask, not taking it off, and urges you to NOT TOUCH HER. DO NOT EVEN LOOK AT HER. the man asks you "are you wearing your mask??"

2. in her latest album, released barely after the prc announced to the WHO, poppy has songs:

a.] sit/stay, sick of the sun, don't go outside: PROPERLY promoting physical distancing and staying at home

b.] BLOODMONEY detailing and questioning religious leadership during these times

c.] i disagree, urging us to let all our terrible institutions burn.

d.] concrete if we die, just turn us into something useful ❤

in summary, i am definitely not in a cult lead by poppy.


I liked this video quite a bit. It's definitely something I've constantly battled with - even though things are shitty, I _strongly_[ believe that we should try our all to change things for the better. The issue comes with deciding where to put one's efforts...

Re: Scruff Under-reaction

O ok fine, Scruff has sort of redeemed themselves (like while NYC is COMPLETELY freaking out. note: scruff is based out of NYC)

Grindr did a thing where they made global chat free, so I do kinda like that. Hopefully it means moar eyes are in the epicenters. Still nothing concretely telling people to stay the fuck home

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