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Federated code hosting

Are you interested in #federated #code hosting? This term means a site like #GitHub, #GitLab, #Cogs or #Gitea - but instead of all servers being an individual part of the #web, they talk to each other just like servers in the #fediverse. Imagine being able to open issues, make pull requests and engage in discussion, to any other repository from your own personal code hosting server?

Approximately one year ago #Microsoft bought GitHub, kicking of something that become a group of people discussing formalizing a specification for federated code hosting platforms. This specification work ended up with the name #ForgeFed and is currently developed by the #Peers community. The end result will be a set of extensions on top of #ActivityPub that allows any code hosting platform to federate with any other code hosting platform.

ForgeFed is using the brand new #Feneas forum for discussing various spec items. Everybody is welcome to participate, though especially good would be to get people from the various code hosting platforms to give their thoughts about what they would be happy to implement.

Join the discussion here:

The ForgeFed repository for the specification is hosted at notabug.

#decentralization #git #svn #mercurial #bazaar

Federated code hosting based on ActivityPub : ForgeFed

#git #fediverse #activitypub #gitea #gitlab #gogs

@Adam Gaskins For what it’s worth, I am using #Gitea on my own instance for my own projects. I am quite satisfied with it. Installation on a GNU/Linux server is a no-brainer (at least if you’re willing to use the pre-compiled binary—compiling it from the source code was a little bit trickier), and all upgrades so far went very smoothly. Resources-wise, for a single user even the cheapest VPS should do just fine.

(Like @utzer said, I don’t pretend I am a #Gitea expert, just a satisfied self-hoster.)

@Adam Gaskins we are using #Gitea for #Friendica, it was the idea of @Tobias I think, it is easy to use as far as I think, easy to setup and easy to maintain, also doesn't need much resources. It runs its own web server and is based on #GO.
I am no expert in it, I just run a host with Gitea on it.


A rant about GitHub, and seeking opinions on Gitea

I don't think there's enough discussion around Github. I worry about the myriad possibilities of devious acts M$ could be doing with such a massive database of code, and real-time granular data of how projects operate... Imagine using machine learning / AI on such a massive system - there are obvious things one could imagine, like maybe they will create advance self-coding machines or coding assistants, or the possibilities for novel approaches dealing with bugs & vulnerabilities, or maybe even..... you get the idea, this is just the tip of the iceberg. What's wrong with this? Great new tech, right? Well, yeah, except that they're going to get all this potential and soooooo much more on the backs of open-source projects and take advantage of the developers who have no say-so in this at all! Except, we do have a say so - we can not use the service. Arguably this will not stop anything from happening, but it does make it less likely to be M$ alone that pioneers these technologies by co-opting the OSS community. I don't want to stop the march of technology anyways, I just want to keep it open and free!

I think GitHub should be a lesson we learn before it becomes a devastating problem; maybe the idea of massive software repositories owned by corporate entities is not a great idea! We never had problems in the past hosting projects, did we? I remember 20 years ago it was not at all hard to find few kind people willing donate some server space for projects - and now hardware / storage is so much cheaper, I think that model is arguably even more well suited to today's landscape, and it certainly feels more in line with the philosophy of open-source. So much more so than corporate-backed hosting. Also, self-hosting is so cheap these days, just $5 can get your a small Linode VPS...

So... Any fans of Gitea? It looks very nice at initial glance. I'm looking to self-host a nice github alternative, that's what spurred this rant. I'm aware of Gitlab, and it looks nice, and of course there's the idea of no fancy front end at all... Gitea is looking pretty decent to me at this point, though. Does anyone have experience with it? Good or bad things to say... reasons I should use something different? I would just like something nice for my own meager uses, but also okay for when someone in need of a repo, even just to have a clone as a backup. We should be more willing to help each other, and less dependent on corporate entities!

Honestly, I didn't do much with Github previously, but I certainly won't now that M$ owns them. I honestly don't understand why so many projects are still on Github, but then again I'm small potatoes, and there's probably some good reasons large projects find them appealing - but I'm admittedly ignorant as to what those reasons might be. I think the risks have to outweigh them though, don't they?

#gitea #github #gitlab #git #vcs #microsoft