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Buy my latest zine "Sycorax: Portal to Afro-Indigenous Femme Subjectivity"

Print EU/UK only, €20

"...By focusing on Shakespeare character from his play The Tempest, Sycorax, those Afro-Indigenous femmes that often exist with a vocal void are able to begin to navigate through philosophy that does not commit any kind of erasure, be it either through gender or race by either philosophy or nation state identity building projects..."

#caribbean #latinx #indigenous

So this is done? I'm tired!!

if you're in the UK/EU, print copies are going to be available...

#Caribbean #puertorico #postcolonial #performanceart #photography #literature #afroindigenous

dm me if interested

Scientists identify 2022 sea urchin killer

A scuticociliate causes mass mortality of #Diadema antillarum in the #Caribbean Sea by @virome_girl

"After identifying the #ciliate using genomic techniques, the team grew it in the lab and performed infection experiments... When it was introduced to healthy #urchins in an aquarium tank, the urchins died within a few days – just as they did in the ocean. That sealed the deal for confirming the killer."

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