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Hello :uxn: foks!

Just updated uxngba with a much more performant ARM-UXN core. In addition to that, the last ppu changes have been implemented and there is a new system for loading roms, which now enable bank switching, meaning you can load bigger roms like Oquonie on it!

The new core makes it almost playable and I believe it could be locked at 60Hz if the graphics updated only every other frame (needs to happen on the TAL side)

#uxn #gbadev

STEPPER v1.6 is out! A brand new UI for parameter selection and conditional triggers and panning support!

Check out this lovely demo by Catbeats:

Available now on itch:


Source code:

#musodon #musicproduction #gbadev

Bringing some of the new GBA renderer optimizations to uxngba :uxn:

I'm specially happy with the new way I'm doing blending modes, removing per-nibble for loops in favor of some bit wrangling wizardry.

2.9x speedup for 2bpp sprites (chr) and 2.55x for 1bpp (icn).

Still have some unmerged changes with an updated uxn core, since I have that on a separate branch where I was doing oquonie work, but will be there soon.

#uxn #gba #gbadev

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