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Tomorrow is our oneAPI Commuity Led Forum - Hybrid event. There is also a symposium today and you can register for both. The 2nd event is free though and you can register through meetup:
to get the zoom link.
The 6th symposium from ACM Sacremento is here -
#oneapi #sycl #AI

What an amazing talk by @airlied on the state of vendors, compute and community feedback. Please take the 45 minutes to watch - worth every minute!

#oneapi #sycl #compute #cuda

For those who have waited eagerly for the recording of our #oneapi meetup with @karolherbst - here it is!
#sycl #opencl #rustlang - if you are interested in joining our oneAPI meetup - feel free to subscribe here -

Next time we will be meeting with Stephano Cetola who will be talking about RISC-V, onAPI, and other things.

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