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The world's thinnest boombox blasts at over 90dB, is powered by a teeny tiny #RaspberryPi Zero 2 W, has a wicked sick #1980s aesthetic, and measures just 0.45 inches thick.

Check out @joegrand's super slimline creation:
the maker joe holding the boom box on his shoulder. He is wearing a rainbow coloured baseball cap and a black t shirt Flat lay of a boom box with purple, turquoise and yellow 1980s patterns
The reverse of the boom boc which is all black with a raspberry pi mounted in the middle, two slim speakers either side and a slim battery pack at the top

It's no secret that #RaspberryPi was inspired by the home computers of the #1980s.

We teamed up with author Tim Danton to tell the story of 19 of those computers, which inspired a generation.

'The Computers That Made Britain' deep dives into everything from the Dragon 32 and ZX81, to the Amstrad CPC 464 and #Commodore Amiga.

Grab a copy for £12:

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