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Major General Robert White earned his astronaut wings in the X-15 when he reached 95.9 km (59.6 mi) in altitude #OTD in 1962, setting a world record.

Oh, and he was also the first pilot to fly to Mach 4, 5 & 6 #avgeeks #aviation @NASAaero

📷 @usairforce

I spent about a year living near the end of a runway at SeaTac airport in Seattle. Would have loved this. (We got used to the noise, but learned to just stop mid-sentence as a plane passed and picked the sentence right up at the same point when the noise passed. Worked for me, my wife and housemates, but confused the hell out of visitors.

#aviation #airports #airlines #seatac

We would love it if this bot also published news about the first "A" in NASA: Aeronautics. Or create a new bit that tracks #NASA #Aeronautics. #aviation #avgeeks #rotorcraft #Helicopter #aam #vtol #evtol #h2aero #electricFlight #h2flight #hydrogen #electricVTOL

When #corporate greed undermines #engineering culture, disasters happen. At Boeing it literally happened two times with passenger aircraft #boeing 737 MAX killing hundreds. Senior management was only interested in stock prices - those criminals cut costs in engineering, quality assurance and training. Yet instead of jail time CEO Dennis Muilenburg walks away with $62.2m in stock and pension awards. He is back in #aviation industry now. This is outrageous. :netflix: #documentary "Downfall"

Another #aviation post for the day. I never saw a B-52, B-1B, and B-2 flying together. You really get a sense of the scale of them compared to how the B-1 and B-2 can look in pictures with those canopies and combined intakes. (Found in Reddit post so don't have attribution ☹️ )

Mig-25's first prototype Ye-155-R1.The wings had fixed wingtip tanks to which small winglets were attached for stability purposes, but when it was found that fuel sloshing around in the tanks caused vibrations, they were eliminated. Wiki. #aviation…

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