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Oh hell yeah, thank you @solarpunkgnome for adding a link to the wiki and introducing me to the Little Free Pantry project, which is #solarpunk as hell. It's a Little Free Library but for nonperishable food!

#SolarpunkResource #SharingEconomy #FoodNotBombs #FoodSecurity

Part 1/3: rooting hormone

Many plants don't need (but still benefit from) rooting hormone to grow from a cutting, but trees do. To make the one I used, first bring 1 cup of water to a boil, then add 1/2 tablespoon of local honey

It does have to be local, and not just because fuck capitalism. 3/4 of all "honey" in grocery stores contains no pollen at all after all the filtering, processing, and fillers. I don't know whether those fillers have the same effect on cuttings as honey, but I'm not risking it (plus I buy all honey local anyway, as should you)

Obviously, allow the honey tea to cool before putting your cuttings in it. Soak your cuttings in it for ~3 hours before planting in soil. Store it in an airtight container away from sunlight - it's good for about 3 weeks

Other homemade rooting hormone recipes I've seen include willow tea, cinnamon, and human saliva (no joke)


Happy #SunDIY! I'm finally ready to share that #DIY project I've been working on: it's a corkboard made of wine corks!

My roommates and (to a lesser extent) I drink a lot of wine, and with nowhere in town that recycles corks we really didn't want to just throw them away. We'd been letting them pile up in a glass container on our endtable, but then I had the idea to #upcycle them. With just the corks, some hot glue, and an unneeded plywood shelf taken from my hand-me-down desk, I made this corkboard! We still haven't nailed down a spot to hang it yet, but that's coming soon

Tip: Cutting the corks in half doubles your surface area and makes them much easier to glue

(Featuring the gorgeous #solarpunk :greensun: patch that @Wewereseeds sold me!)

#SolarpunkResource #reuse

Beekeeping isn't the only way to #SaveTheBees - solitary #bees are just as important. Building a bee hotel can offer shelter for wild bees, and as a bonus they'll pollinate your garden for you #permaculture style


#Beekeeping doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive! In honor of the patron saint of beekeepers, here's a plan for a top-bar #beehive you can build out of a #reclaimed 55gal barrel and some pallet wood, plus a guide for trapping your own #bees from nature! Happy Valentine's Day 🐝

#SolarpunkResource #honey

Project Entropy: an in-development floating #solarpunk #makerspace, which will visit ports, #recycle collected ocean plastic into 3D printed objects, and develop new sustainable technologies, all guided democratically by its supporters

I'm super hesitant about them selling ad space on their sail to help fund the project, but hopefully with enough support they can skip that...

#SolarpunkResource #tidalpunk

@Danny ooo DIY mesh things? i like the pretty fly for a wifi name lol

Happy #SunDIY! If you're doing work with wood and aren't being very particular about its strength, shape, or quality, try using pallets! Just drive around and look by the dumpsters behind businesses and you should see some laying around for you to take after a brief talk with the manager - you can also check craigslist and 1001 Pallets:

I once found a place with huge stacks of pallets and crates on craigslist, then used them to build garden boxes and a rainwater collector (pics below!)

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