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New blog post ✍️ by Lucy Li, Maarten Sap, Luca Soldaini, and me about large language models and how to use them with care.

We discuss:
- 10 current risks ⚠️ posed by chatbots and writing assistants to their users
- 7 questions 🤔 to ask yourself before using these tools

Our goal with this post is to increase transparency for everyday users 💻🔍

#AI #GenerativeAI #LLMs #Chatbots

1) Just a reminder that as #AI and #chatbots are taking off, demand for #electricity and other #energy usage will also increase. We should keep this in mind as we discuss advances in #InformationTechnology.

2) As #SenatorWarren pointed out recently, big-money #ransomware #cybercrimes will only use #cryptocurrency for payments.

I don't foresee the politicians, who are in the hands of big-money donors, ending #crypto completely. But at the very least they should find a way to regulate it and bring it under control.

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