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Made a video to help other artists deal with the anxiety caused by AI Art. Hope it helps! =D

#youtube #generativeAI #illustration #art

The sex life of moss is not easy to understand. To check if I remember correctly, I googled it instead of looking at Wikipedia (the graphic here).
What I found: Perfect-looking graphics but something was strange. Parts were not correct. All come from so-called "study websites" promising help for school or university. All fake and fantasy by #AI. AI images destroy knowledge! I look at my old biology paper book now. Is AI going to make us stupid?

#llm #generativeAI #aiImages

PrivateGPT is an AI tool that lets you have full control over your data.

#ai #generativeai

New blog post ✍️ by Lucy Li, Maarten Sap, Luca Soldaini, and me about large language models and how to use them with care.

We discuss:
- 10 current risks ⚠️ posed by chatbots and writing assistants to their users
- 7 questions 🤔 to ask yourself before using these tools

Our goal with this post is to increase transparency for everyday users 💻🔍

#AI #GenerativeAI #LLMs #Chatbots

ACM Authorship Policy updated to include guidelines regarding the use and citation of #generativeAI! Take a look now 👀:
#ChatGPT #authorship #research #Computing #guidelines #ACM

I asked Bing chat to write a privacy policy that a GenZ could understand:

#GenZ #AI #BingChat #GenerativeAI

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