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Just putting this out here: I've been working on #Forgejo for #Codeberg for the past couple of months, and am loving it. So much so, that I would like to do more of it, more than what Codeberg can pay me for.

So if anyone wishes to sponsor me (or knows any company or organization who might), to implement a particular feature, or fix something, or in general help them with anything Forgejo related, I'm available, please get in touch!

For reference, my work has been described as:

Long-standing issues are now finally resolved, and the progress feels like a rocket booster.

This is based on my the first two months of my work. I started out with only vague knowledge of Go and Forgejo. Imagine what I can do now that I'm much more familiar with both.

Anyhow, more information about my Forgejo-related work, and links to my resume, and other useful bits of information are available here.

Boosts appreciated!

#GetFediHired #FediHire #Job

PLEASE BOOST for visibility!

The University of Colorado Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) is hiring software engineers for science data processing on the Data Systems team. We build satellite borne instruments for studying astrophysics, planetary science, earth science, atmospheric science, and many more disciplines. Data Systems typically does the ground processing of the instrument data from binary packets through to research quality science data products (think netCDF, HDF5, CDF, FITS files). Mostly we use Python but we have some Java systems and C experience is always a plus for making Python faster.

Lab website:

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