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I like to listen to entire records from start to finish. In this day and age of streaming, I think that makes me something of an oddity. Maybe it's just a habit I can't shake from the days when I was collecting albums on CDs, but I think a record that is thoughtfully arranged to provide a memorable listening experience from beginning to end is artistic magic. (This is why I'm especially partial to concept albums.)

Anyway, all of that ā˜šŸ¼ to say that I only share songs from records I enjoy and that I would recommend as a whole. If you like something I share, do yourself a favor: check out the album!

So here's a bonus share tonight from an EP that is absolutely worth every second of its 22 minutes of play time:

"Keys to the Forest" from Transformation by Mob Bounce


#Wikimedia #Australia (@wm_au) and the State Library of Queensland announced their First Nations Wikipedian in Residence, Bianca Valentino, to improve the representation of #FirstNations music and musicians on #Wikipedia!

"Iā€™m tired of the misrepresentation, silencing narratives, & way mainstream media distorts our narrative. Iā€™m here for all the good stuff ā€“ truth, decolonisation, cultural resurgence, ancestral connection, community & sharing deadly music!"

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