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Salad is cool. Salad saves time. Salad saves you money. Salad is good for footprint. Ready prepped in the fridge is awesome for health, exec function, good choices & quick meals. Salad is good rebellion, in lots of ways.

Consider just how many nudges you get in shows, on social, endless ads, pushing towards unhealthy, high profit, low nutrition, high cost, highly processed, high environmental impact, food.

It's ok to rebel. Salad is cool😎

#Food #Health #LifeHacks #Environment #Cooking #ADHD

A turquoise bowl with black spoon holds a chunky filling salad made from many ingredients.
Behind stands a large purple bowl of the salad.

Cat for Brains #1 (I think I have a cat running my brain) #webcomic #comic #adhd
A four-panelled black-and-white comic in a simple toon style.

Title: I Think I Have A Cat Running My Brain

Panel 1: A black and white doodle of Feff waving at the reader.
Text: I'm Feff. I have ADHD. One of the symptoms of ADHD is poor executive functioning.

Panel 2: The entrance to an Executive Office. The doors are partially open, and a silhouetted chair and desk can be seen in the opening.
Text: I like to imagine that my executive functioning is like an executive suite.

Panel 3: A black and white doodle of Feff with neat hair being sat at a tidy desk with an in tray and a phone while dressed in business wear.
Text: But instead of being run by a human CEO ...

Panel 4: A similar black and white doodle except that Feff is now a cat with her hair and the table top is strewn with spilt ink, papers, and cat toys.
Text: It's ran by a cat

Picked up Jupes at school and on our way to grab coffee we saw the best window sticker.

In AC/DC font, the sticker says: AD/hD HIGHWAY TO…HEY LOOK A SQUIRREL

I have #adhd and actually didn't find it too helpful. My eyes wanted to focus only on the bold, but I was not getting complete words, so I needed to keep going back and it took longer than should have.

That, of course, is only my experience and this could be extremely helpful for someone else

I don't have #ADHD but let me know if you do and if this works.

🙏Stop scrolling for a moment. 🙏

Here is an opportunity to practice exercising your power. 🥰

Get ready to put down your phone etc and count to 10.

Then, after 10 seconds has passed, come back to your phone and hold it for 3 seconds before you engage with it.


Ok! How was that for you?

(If it resonates with you, please feel free to share in a comment 🙏 )

#mentalhealth #anxiety #adhd #AuDHD
Viktor Frankl on finding the space between stimulus and response.

1st 🥇 laugh out loud in 2 days. #adhd 🦕

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