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Re-reading your question it looks to me that I didn't answer (get) your question @Simon John.

If you refer to user name, and hosting data I guess the answer is yes, it looks like plain text from the front end.
The password apparently at least can be protected by a general password manager.

Has there been general questioning of #FileZilla's safety?
Is there some recommendation for linux desktops?

#linux #fedihelp #safety

PSA: To avoid dooring or killing cyclists when you exit a vehicle, please consider adopting "the Dutch Reach," which is using your hand farthest from the door to open it. This forces you into a position that allows a better view of bicycles approaching from behind. And, of course, first look, *then* open door. Teach your kids, too. #cycling #safety #driving #cars #psa

I like this trend of painting "unauthorized" crosswalks.

Cities almost always rush to erase them. That shows local agencies *can* move quickly to change streetscapes -- they just choose not to when residents request safety improvements. People should know that!

#cities #transportation #safety #safestreets

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