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It's an unique technique to show the world slowly being unveiled by European exploration. Published by Quin in 1846 we see a world still shrouded in clouds and waiting for illumination. (This map reaches up to 1551 A.D.)
Would love to see a similar map of first nations/native peoples perspective, who had reached the depths of the Amazon and Patagonia, and even islands of the Pacific, without knowledge of Europeans.
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Yes, you can ditch #GoogleMaps now..

#OrganicMaps is here. Use it while offline and feel good about a #privacy-respecting app that doesn't suck you dry of your personal information. Based on #OpenStreetMap this app is gonna blow #Google #Maps out of the water (hopefully ;)

I use the #maps application for some private purposes, but as long as it is not possible to share the map with selected objects (e.g. photos) publicly and anonymously, this application has limited usability.

Carefully boxed up, a Survey of the cities of London and Wedtminster, Borough of Southwark. 1733-35

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