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the city of #seattle is once again allowed to overzealously prosecute for #graffiti crimes

they even have a website where you can submit reports

it sure would be a shame if people flooded it with bullshit, making it unusable...

🎨 πŸ–ŒοΈ Absolutely bananas how Seattle Mayor seemingly dangled any Comcast funding in front of ethnic media as a bribe when that cable money is running out as people cut the cord and yes there’s a new contract coming up but honestly the right thing would be #PublicBroadband instead of making deals with Comcast #seattle

9 pm! saturday!!! broadcasting from seattle!!!!! πŸ•˜

it's time for the KEXP punk show, sonic reducer!!!!!!!!!! 🎡

KEXP is non-profit listener-powered radio πŸ“»

if you're near seattle you can listen on a real radio at 90.3 FM πŸ‘‚

or from anywhere online here 🎧

and the playlist is at πŸ“

it goes on for three hours, from 9 pm til midnight 🎢

happy listening! 😁

#KEXP #seattle #radio #NowPlaying #punk #SonicReducer #️⃣

A few days ago, I tweeted a flyer about a protest against Jordan Peterson in Seattle. I was subsequently screenshotted by Andy Ngo and mass reported by his goons, resulting in my permanent suspension from twitter.

SO! Please help spread the news: Jordan Peterson is coming to town, and Twitter is censoring the opposition! The original flyers from my tweets are attached. These are autonomous actions.

#Seattle #LGBTQ

So long, and see you next year.

Location: Seattle, WA. United States. 2022.

#theCartographer #handmade #seattle

I've posted several times here but didn't do official #introductons post

I'm an unpublished #writer living in #Seattle #PNW who enjoys posting about #books (fiction, nonfiction, YA, adult, just about anything especially from diverse authors)

I make silly posts about live #sports of all kinds, unusual #history stories, jokes, animation, kdramas, gbbo, Top Chef, all sorts of things. I keep it relatively wholesome & try hard to avoid spoilers

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