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Highland Cows are such beautiful creatures šŸ˜

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In the photo, a magnificent Highland cow stands proudly and looks directly at the camera with a confident gaze. Its shaggy, auburn coat is thick and lush, adorned with long, curved horns that add to its imposing presence. The cow's expression is one of curiosity and intelligence, as if it is aware of its surroundings and interested in the viewer. The background is blurred, drawing attention to the cow's striking features and highlighting its majestic presence. This Highland cow is truly a stunning sight to behold, exuding strength and grace in equal measure.

I stumbled upon a toot by @shaungdavey showing a photo of majestic Highland cow in a snowy field - so I felt like sharing my own favorite photo of this friendly and curious Highland cow, that I took back in 2014.
#Photography #Cow #HighlandCow #HighlandCattle
Close up photo of a brown Highland cow, with thick fur, looking into the camera. The cow is standing in a green field in the sun.

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