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We are looking for a #Postdoc (f/m/x) as of 1 Feb 2024, for a project using #metagenomics to follow microbial colonization and antibiotics gene transmission between prokaryotes and microeukaryotes (#fungi and #protists) on #microplastics >

Looking for a postdoc in experimental evolution? You're very welcome to apply to this position in my group, at University Paris-Saclay.

The goal is to study the evolutionary and plastic response of the transcriptome to stable vs fluctuating environments, in the model fungus Zymoseptoria tritici.

The full ad:

The application website:

#postdoc #ExperimentalEvolution #PhenotypicPlasticity

#postdoc opening at the Hsu lab at Virginia Tech - a wonderful group:

The project is the design of an advanced biodegradable menstrual product that aims to locally provide pain relief with antimicrobial properties. We are looking to immediately hire a postdoc, preferably with experience in #polymers , #biomaterials , #chemistry , engineering, etc. It is currently funded by the Commonwealth Health Research Board. More details can be found here:

We are looking for a Bioinformatician! The focus of the work will be on the development, application and validation of novel approaches and workflows in the area of long-read sequencing, which was recently awarded as Nature Method of the year 2022. #mpicbg #postdoc #postdocposition #bioinformatics

For the evolutionary microbiologists in your life - I am looking to hire a post-doctoral fellow! Research topics are quite open, including evolution of antimicrobial resistance, pathogen surveillance, and experimental evolution.

#microbiology #postdoc #experimentalevolution

I'm still finding my feet here, so it feels right to share with you the first #JournalCover I ever got with my #sciart

I was a #postdoc at the time and I had 1 evening to produce something around the idea that virulence in #bacteria is often 'all about the #phage ... '

A lucky break for me!
#MastoArt #Introduction

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