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old and busted: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
new hotness: People Envy My Dank Ass Swag

covid half-assed reaction #245934

Only just blasted today, Scruff's reaction is woefully insufficient.

Grindr is even worse. They're showing _more_ profiles than normal, and giving out their "premium features" to free members.

I want to create grindr bots that give variants on the message "assume you've killed someone if you hookup"

to prove love is real i have continued write and release healthy habit promoting tinglers for free or donation with 100 percent to health based charities. please enjoy NOT POUNDED BY ANYTHING WHILE I PRACTICE RESPONSIBLE SOCIAL DISTANCING available here:…

“local dentist’s office went in an unsettlingly horny direction with its advertising”

“Any engineering team without sufficient goals and direction will try to turn themselves into an analytics team so they can use "machine learning".”

just like how capitalism subverts communist symbolism to sell it back to people i think it'd be really funny if communists subverted capitalist imagery and put it on everything

texas flag branded toilet-paper in communism, baby

First Nation peoples and Canadian allies who are blocking the rail systems, this is how you make the settler state tremble. You are costing them upwards of billions.

Keep fucking fighting.


On Leaving BigInternet (2)

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oh, i did not realize that gmaps pushes ads in the directions themselves now :| & Binding Arbitration

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On Leaving BigInternet (1)

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in reply to Danny Martinez

Huh, thanks for the tip @Daniel Martinez I didn't know about that method. It's not video searches, but if there was a channel I wanted to watch everything on, I'd definitely look into that.
in reply to Danny Martinez

Slay the #Cyberdemons. Personal unorganized boycotts might not "work" if we intend to cause a big change quickly, but they do add value to your life by 1) depriving your opponents of your hard-earned money, 2) by depriving your opponents of data-derived profits, 3) by financially rewarding the competitors who provide products or services that align with your values, 4) by requiring you to re-evaluate whether you really need certain things and then thinking creatively to find a solution to your needs while living by your values wherever possible, and 5) by setting an example for others to follow. Naturally, there are times where we must pay a toll to cross that bridge, but in most cases there are alternate routes if we're willing to swim.

finally sort of caught up with the mastodon ~~drama~~ that's been happening over the last few years. If there's one image that kept coming to mind, it is the last time I was at AWS Re:Invent. That week was (by a very very very large margin) the most percentage of "whites only" I've seen on grindr & scruff profiles.
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yeh, it's hard to discern from the drama, and a lot of it is reminicent standard FLOSS in-fighting. The rabbithole of reading stemmed from this article on the daily dot: (amongst other "toots"
in reply to Danny Martinez

Ah, yeah it does seem kind of sketchy to unconditionally ban Nazis, then establsh yourself as the benevolent dictator for life, and expect nobody to have a problem with that. Personally my biggest beef with Mastodon (aside from the fact that #federation is #stupid) is that it has these tiny columns that look great if you have a closed source, spyware laden smartphone, but on a laptop... not the greatest UI.

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