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#Minetest Game Jam is back for 2023!

From December 1st to December 21st, make a Minetest game from scratch following a theme.
3 weeks, 3 winners, $300 in prizes. What will you make?

The theme will be announced December 1st, so stay tuned

All information about the jam is at

#gamedev #opensource #gamejam

Mega Crit (Slay the Spire) and Null Games now funding Godot Engine

#Godot #PCGaming #GameDev

I'm testing a Steam devcomp which has a Linux depot and a Windows depot, but weirdly, my Steam Deck would download the Windows depot by default.

I asked Steam about this, and they said that only Steam Verified games would download the Linux build by default.

Now you know 馃榾

#steam #SteamDeck #godotengine #gamedev

Unity update their terms to clarify new terms aren't forced on game devs (who don't update to newer Unity versions)

#Unity #GameDev

I've been making more use of GDQuest's emacs package this last week and... wow, #GameDev is suddenly a much more pleasant experience. Being able to use tools I'm comfortable with and just open Godot to edit levels or run the game is quite nice.

The Autumn Lisp Game Jam has begun! 40 registered participants. Happy jammin'! #lisp #gamedev #gamejam

Godot 4.2 beta 1 is out now for testing

#Godot #FOSS #GameDev

馃搱 The Steam Dev Cheat Sheet 馃弳

A dense collection of best practices, magic formulas, and Steam knowledge to help #indiedev folks like me.

馃摵 PLUS a 5:40 video! (see the 2nd post)

Save it for reference & share it with your dev friends!

Good luck with your Steam games 馃洜 #gamedev

Unity CEO John Riccitiello is leaving 'effective immediately'

#Unity #GameDev

Today we have the Executive Director of the @godotengine foundation Emilio Coppola on the show to talk about the state of Godot, where things like the asset store are going and of course the Unity drama #Gaming #Gamedev #godot #godotengine



Puny Human closing after a client 'refused previously agreed-upon payments'

#GameDev #PCGaming #Gaming

I released my Narrat Jam 2 game yesterday 鉁ㄢ I made a lazy post about it at 2am but I was sleepy and it wasn't great, so here's more info.

馃崅 鈥婣 walk through the forest 馃崅鈥

Playable on :html5::ms_computer::ms_gamepad::ms_computer_mouse:

This is a game where you walk through a forest, looking at pictures and identifying plants.

It is not at all a game about random ramblings of my brain :ms_shush:

It's meant to be a chill reflective experience that hopefully will fill your brain with thoughts.

Game link:

Submitted for the Narrat Jam 2:

#NarratJam #Narrat #gamedev #photography #game #indie #webdev #

Doing some #gamedev? Check out this asset bundle! (partner link)

Godot Engine hits over 50K euros per month in funding

#Godot #GameDev #GodotEngine #FOSS

Unity nuked their Terms of Service on GitHub as 'views were so low'

#Unity #GameDev

Unity announced big changes following the hated Runtime Fee

#Unity #GameDev

MonoGame plan to create a non-profit foundation to support development

#GameDev #MonoGame

Received a very important #gamedev package today. My QA assistant is checking everything out. #catsofmastodon

Terraria dev Re-Logic donates $100K to Godot Engine and FNA, plus ongoing funding

#Unity #GodotEngine #FNA #Terraria #GameDev

Unity Considers Tentative Changes To Controversial Policies

#Unity #GameDev

I couldn't agree more with the sentiment in the article. The trust between Unity and developers has been shattered. As indie developers, we invest significant time and effort into our projects. It's disheartening to work with an engine when we can't be sure if its rules will remain stable, potentially leading to major financial challenges down the road. 馃幃馃挃 #UnityRuntimeFee #GameDev

Unity apologises for the new runtime fee, say they will make changes

#Unity #GameDev

Don't miss that Humble also have an Unreal Engine bundle too: (partner link)

#GameDev #UnrealEngine #Unity

Go learn some Godot Engine with Humble Bundle, great timing! (partner link)

#Godot #Unity #GameDev

Unity attempt to clarify new install fees as developers revolt

#Unity #GameDev

Here's some alternatives to the Unity game engine

#GameDev #Unity #Gaming

Unity introduces new fees for game devs based on revenue and game installs - article updated based on responses from Unity (it's not looking great)

#Unity #GameDev

Huh, so Unity has reached the killing-the-golden-goose point of their enshittification:

20c per install doesn't sound like much to PC users, but that's potentially enough to nuke mobile gaming entirely. Which they know, because they also run the stats system mobile devs use to calculate ARPU/ARPPU.

Unreal taking a small cut of revenue works fine. That's based on you know, money you made.

Unity charging based on "Installs" might actually cost you money in mobile space. Or if you do a PS+ freebie. Or GamePass. Or especially an EpicStore freebie. They know what they're doing, and it's fucking evil.

EDIT: it's listed under monthly? This might be a monthly fee? Unclear.

#GameDev #Unity3D

Planning on moving from #Unity to #godotengine? Last year I wrote a guide "From Unity to Godot: Game Objects and Components in Godot?"


A couple free & open-source Engines and game frameworks you can use today as alternatives. Feel free to comment with more.

Godot -
Defold -
Adventure Studio -
bgfx -
armory3d -
ogre3d -
Renpy -


The open source Godot Engine has a new Godot Development Fund

#GodotEngine #Godot #GameDev

Unity introduces new fees for game devs based on revenue and game installs

#Unity #GameDev

Lil' clip showing a lot of stuff!

Making a game is so long and I keep getting distracted by playing it lmao ;o;

Fight mechanics and animations are next!

#indiedev #pixelart #gamedev

Game porter Ethan Lee offers services to maintain old games for developers

#Gaming #GameDev #IndieGames

Mike from Gamefromscratch has published a video covering the Liblast project.

Yes - THAT Gamefromscratch.

- unfa

#Gamefromscratch #Gamedev #IndieGame #IndieDev #Liblast

New blog post: Ten years of Capture the Flag

#Minetest #gamedev

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