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I definitely miss this awesome home studio. As much as I love my new small, portable setup it was definitely nice having a dedicated space for making music.

#music #musicproducion #musicstudio

Content warning: Self promotion; new film, music

Would you be interested in an ad-free music streaming experience on your smartphone? 🎶 📱

#opensource #music

Gordon Lightfoot Passed Away On Monday

Variety Article

#Music #News

Posting here first, a brief showreel of some of the #orchestral #music I’ve written in the past year. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to chat about a #commission, or if you’d like to hear more.

Track list in next post.

Good morning fediverse 🌞

Here's a #analogue and #wavetable synth improvisation that won't make it onto my next EP, but that I like a lot anyway.

Recorded on the island of Föhr during a night time gale. Enjoy.

#music #outtake #impro
#synth #analog #wavetable

Here it is, the first EP is out now 🎵

Xsodect - Parts I 💿

#Music written in #Orca with #sound coming from #SunVox
Very cool to feel back after 8 years.

#Bandcamp (it defaults to track 4)

#Youtube playlist for visuals

#febrajam #livecoding #music #IDM #ambient #ElectronicMusic #album

Another teaser for the first of three upcoming EPs consisting of finished #febrajam #music written entirely in #Orca with #sunvox.
I think I made it.
The release date of the first EP is 31.03
It will be four and a half tracks long.

The Commodore MK-10 works perfectly!

I'm powering it via USB as I don't trust the 90s-era wall-wart that it came with.

#commodore #music #piano #midi
An M8 sitting on top of a Commodore MK-10 keyboard, a purple cable goes from the keyboard to the M8 MIDI in port. A key on the keyboard is being pressed and the M8 mixer shows that audio is being played.
An M8 sitting on top of a Commodore MK-10. A purple cable goes from the keyboard to the M8 MIDI in port. A USB power adapter is seen plugged into the keyboard.

Something fun just came in the mail. Just in time for the weekend!

#commodore #music #piano #midi
A Commodore MK-10 MIDI keyboard.

Ross Porter created this simple-to-operate #music player for people living with with memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s, who may find it hard to operate more modern stereo systems.

It's magical how music still gets through when our memory starts failing.


#Inuk artist Elisapie translated Blondie's "Heart of Glass" into Inuktitut! An absolutely beautiful folk arrangement and recording. @chrisstein you might be interested to hear! #music #Indigenous #quebec #musique

#febrajam #27
Had a few beers this evening, so I'm not responsible for anything.
#music is made with #orca and #sunvox as always.
Quite simple one, but consider my condition! Plus I'm preparing for tomorrow - the last febrajam - i'll try my best.

Well isn't this the CUTEST...

Yoto Player lets kids physically own their #music experience without increasing screen time.

This NFC-based solution was developed around #RaspberryPi.
A small hand places an NFC card into a slot in a perspex box which lights up with an image relating to the music tied to the NFC

Making music in bed!

I know that the #dawless thing isn't for everyone, but I really love the flexibility to be a trash goblin when I want to be.

#musicproducion #electronicmusic #chipmusic #music
Photograph of a pedalboard with an Akai MPK mini and Korg Control Pad connected to an RK-006. An M8 is connected to the RK-006 for MIDI in/out and to a Bluebox for audio in/out.

#introduction radio free fedi is a small web, consent driven, artist populated, non-commercial, attribution promoting, community radio

we are now ready to accept more submissions, and are here to promote sound and music artists, their support links, desired license and fedi presence if they wish in an eclectic and fun radio format

24/7 music from the fedi with "theNews" at the top of each hour

keep fedi weird

#radio #community #fedimusic #fediart #music #art

7900 MIDI files for free!
This chord and chord progression pack is an Open Source project providing all the chords and chord progressions you'll ever need.

It's free and #FOSS and you can get it here:

Fellow #musicians enjoy.
#musicproduction #music #mixing #daw ##audio
Screenshot of a website offering MIDI chords

Synth genius Wendy Carlos studied physics & #music at Brown & Columbia. She helped develop the 1st Moog synthesizer & her 1968 classical album Switched-On Bach went platinum. She brought music & tech together & composed soundtracks for A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Tron & more.

Carlos was assigned male at birth & transitioned to female. Unfortunately, many journalists focus more on her gender than her accomplishments that changed music forever. #history #HistoryRemix
Wendy Carlos in her New York recording studio in 1979. Credit: Len DeLessio/Corbis/Getty Images

How to control your [computer] mouse by playing the #trombone...

(Don't ask. It's a @HackSpacemag thing. We just let them do whatever they want.)

#RaspberryPi #music
Screen shot of the trombone champ video game featuring white horses on a psychedelic background with an avatar playing the trombone

For those who haven't seen @techdisk's awesome #FloppyDrive #Music, check out this arrangement of the #SuperMarioBros3 Athletic rag!

Anyone looking for some awesome new #AtariST #chipmusic?

I love hearing new #chiptune #music, so maybe we can turn this into a thread? Share any chiptune- or #micromusic-related stuff that you recommend!

This is less of a blog about a kooky, simple #Christmas project we liked and more of a stream of consciousness about how hyped up two classical #music enthusiasts got when they came across said project.

Warm yourself with their enthusiasm:

Raspberry Pi pico on a desk attached to a tiny speaker

You know Korg? Yes, electronic #music icons Korg.

Well, things have moved on since the 90s and their instruments are now built on #RaspberryPi.
top down view of a large electronic keyboard . Half of the keyboard is taken up with knobs and switches and lilac lights.

Had a broken #Spectrum #Microdrive, but I was able to repurpose it for my #chipmusic setup!

Anyone using a lot of USB-powered #audio equipment knows how annoying ground loops can be. With this I've got 5x stereo isolators in a relatively small box.

#chiptune #music #musicproducion #synth

Thanks for showing, Eugen.
One mentioned on youtube "Having a new song from Devin feels like having news from an old friend you didn’t see in a long time !" Well said! So here it is...

#musthear #music #listening #tip

Content warning: My 14yo daughter suffers from chronic shyness and anxiety….and yet she will do this without batting an eyelid. I burst every time.

My #micromusic gigging #Amiga. It has both a USB floppy drive emulator and a small built-in display, making it an absolute pleasure to bring out to live shows to play my #ProTracker2 #music!
Photograph of an Amiga computer with a small display attached to it and a USB floppy drive emulator.

Are you ready for some Scandi-folk on Nickelharpa?

I found this, it's pretty good.

#music #folk

Pedalboard boxes work great for people like me with lots of small, random bits of gear.

These ones are great because I can keep everything secured to the base with velcro!

#music #musicproducion #electronicmusic
Two closed gear boxes.
Two gear boxes which have had the tops taken off to reveal 5 Volcas, a MPK mini, an 8x8 MIDI PCB, and other miscellaneous devices and cables, all kept tidy with velcro.

Just a reminder that all my music is free to download at , so please check it out if you're into #chiptune, #chipmusic, and other #micromusic.


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